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The plot

An old explains the need to tell the life of St. Clare, in the words of Pope Giovanni Paolo II, he says that "it is really difficult to separate these two names, Francis and Clare."
He defined them as "phenomena", "legends."

The show begins with Chiara dying, around her crying sisters.
Chiara exhausted, he asks for "a cerasa", a cherry. She used to fasting and demand, with extraordinary humanity, something for himself.

Agnes sends ran a sister in the cloister but we are in August and is the season of cherries and, in the few minutes that separate this request to Clare by the return of the sister (who miraculously come with a cherry in her fingers), the first and the later, with the most touching events of his life: the meeting with Francis, running away from home, cutting the hair for her consecration, the spectacular confrontation with the Saracens...

Interview with Carlo Tedeschi

The Athors

Carlo Tedeschi

Author and director

Stefano Natale

Composer and arranger

Andrea Tosi

Composer and arranger

Gianluca Raponi


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